[ENC030] de 100% a 80%



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There is an old Japanese saying that goes «Eat in measure and defy the doctor.» It simply means eating moderately or stopping eating before you feel totally stuffed is good for your health; just good old common sense when you think about it. The deeper meaning of the proverb lets us know the key to a healthy life is to eat an adequate or fit amount; and hints that by exercising a little self-restraint, if we reduce our measure from 100% to say 80%, rather than a joyless exercise in excessive self-control, we will create a joyful, balanced and healthy life.

We constantly question if we have used excessive materials; whether products are overpackaged, or are their sizes and weights too much; can we reduce waste in the ordering, manufacturing or transportation of products? Less is more.

MUJI constantly exercises self-restraint in the design and manufacture of its products; it can be frustrating reducing an item to its essentials, but with practice it becomes natural and even enjoyable. Just as changing our diet or taking up an exercise program, although sometimes painful at first, helps us become fit and healthy, MUJI hopes that as a world society, we will choose a sustainable path for the greater benefit of our Mother Earth and all her people.

«Product fitness 80» reflects MUJI’s willingness to educate ourselves by reviewing our own «adequacy» (fitness) now, and is our message to the world.

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