[ENC102] Is Shoebox Living the Future?

****** San Francisco Considers Teeny-Tiny Apartments: Is Shoebox Living the Future? ****** It’s a conundrum any urban dweller is all too familiar with: not enough space, a constant influx of people, and skyrocketing rent prices. Some cities believe the answer is to shrink the minimum apartment size, to build ‘micro-units’ for singles and couples. The … Read more [ENC102] Is Shoebox Living the Future?

[ENC096] Cracking the Code: Guide for Tiny Houses

****** Cracking the Building Code on Tiny Houses with Ryan Mitchell ****** This guide to building codes & zoning for tiny houses is designed to help you logically navigate all the red tape when it comes to housing. It helps you quickly familiarize yourself with some of the key bureaucratic road blocks, suggest possible pathways … Read more [ENC096] Cracking the Code: Guide for Tiny Houses

[ENC60] Detroit Shrinking City

****** Situated in the northern Mid-West of the USA, Detroit became the centre of American car production at the beginning of the twentieth century. The «Big Three» ? Chrysler, Ford and General Motors ? created the ultimate «Motor City». It was here that the first street was surfaced with concrete; here that Davison Freeway, the … Read more [ENC60] Detroit Shrinking City