[ENC096] Cracking the Code: Guide for Tiny Houses

ENC 096 cracking the code2


Cracking the Building Code on Tiny Houses with Ryan Mitchell


This guide to building codes & zoning for tiny houses is designed to help you logically navigate all the red tape when it comes to housing. It helps you quickly familiarize yourself with some of the key bureaucratic road blocks, suggest possible pathways to building your home from a legal perspective, and several strategies to make it a success. Buyers will also get reference materials and free updates on future versions! Please note this is an electronic book, not a physical book.

The first section of the book is Ryan’s commentary on why building codes exist, the best work with local code enforcement, the best way to avoid enforcement, and finally how to get past the question of codes all together in order to build your own tiny house.

The second half of the book is a collection of resources including sample codes, an inspection checklist, and a glossary of important terms.