[ENC093] Shrink-Wrap

****** This text was posted based on a panel discussion Aaron Betsky led on Saturday, October 30, at the Venice Architecture Biennale, with Hani Rashid, Winy Maas, and Wolf Prix. Below is the text I gave those three gentlemen in preparation for the event. ****** » Last night, wrapping up the leftovers of the usual too-large dinner in that … Read more [ENC093] Shrink-Wrap

[ENC068] Point City / South City

****** An investigation into the re-planning of the Netherlands ****** Netherlands Shrinks ! It is a painful irony that the (one) country that more than any other fabricated itself, now treats its territory as if it has the authenticity and inevitability of nature. Since the last large operation of infrastructural imagination – the «Delta werken” … Read more [ENC068] Point City / South City