[ENC 106] PET Architecture

****** PET Architecture: Los edificios como mascotas ****** Tokio es una fascinante capital con un universo de arquitectura en épocas, estilos y escalas. Debe ser esto lo que ha llevado a Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, el japonés tras Atelier Bow-Wow, a crear sus propias definiciones para clasificar distintas tipologías. Pet Architecture es una singular relación entre los pequeños edificos … Read more [ENC 106] PET Architecture

[ENC 105] Small architecture

****** Many times the small buildings are the largest. No need to design a big building for doing good architecture, and in fact with a very little budget it is possible to do great things. This fantastic TASCHEN book englobes examples of ‘Small Architecture’ in which architects are faced with small situations resolving them brilliantly. … Read more [ENC 105] Small architecture

[ENC102] Is Shoebox Living the Future?

****** San Francisco Considers Teeny-Tiny Apartments: Is Shoebox Living the Future? ****** It’s a conundrum any urban dweller is all too familiar with: not enough space, a constant influx of people, and skyrocketing rent prices. Some cities believe the answer is to shrink the minimum apartment size, to build ‘micro-units’ for singles and couples. The … Read more [ENC102] Is Shoebox Living the Future?

[ENC 101] 40 metros cuadrados de felicidad

****** Uno de los principios fundamentales del budismo afirma que quien no tiene nada lo posee todo. Algo así deben pensar las personas que han apostado por sustituir sus viviendas de 100 m2 o más, por una de 40 o incluso de 10 m2. El movimiento de las tiny houses surgió en Japón en la … Read more [ENC 101] 40 metros cuadrados de felicidad

[ENC098] The incredible shrinking houses

****** The incredible shrinking houses: The average new British home is now just 925 square feet – barely HALF the size they were in the 1920s ****** Millions of Britons are living in ‘rabbit hutch’ family homes that have halved in size since the 1920s, it was revealed today. The average semi-detached house now has … Read more [ENC098] The incredible shrinking houses

[ENC097] Carnival Urbanism

****** The Company: Carnival Urbanism for Shrinking Cities ****** THE COMPANY is a framework of urban intervention that seeks to stabilize shrinking neighborhoods through a large number of small-scale, temporary occupations of vacated buildings. Its process of quickly phasing in architecture and program over time, through testing and experimentation, is preferable to the slow, top-down … Read more [ENC097] Carnival Urbanism

[ENC095] Apartamentos que encogen de Tamaño

****** Apartment sizes shrink as prices soar ****** Europeans have been living in apartments for centuries, but the idea of apartment living didn’t really take off in Australia until the mid to late 1990s. Since then, the idea of a low maintenance home, close to amenities, has taken hold. Melbourne and Sydney have embraced apartment … Read more [ENC095] Apartamentos que encogen de Tamaño

[ENC094] Retrofit + shrink wrap Dubai : an urban recovery plan

****** Retrofit + shrink wrap Dubai : an urban recovery plan  by Charles H. Curran, M. Arch. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ****** Dubai is in crisis. The overall vacancy rate of the city continues to grow as more buildings come online with few or no tenants; moreover, the population has declined by one quarter of a … Read more [ENC094] Retrofit + shrink wrap Dubai : an urban recovery plan

[ENC091] Disminuye el Valle del Ruhr

  ****** The Ruhr Valley, which developed less from historically grown cities than from huge industrial settlements, was especially hard hit by processes of deindustrialization after World War II. Beginning in the mid-1950s, employment in the mining industry fell drastically; many mines closed, and in some cities of the Ruhr Valley unemployment reached 20 percent. … Read more [ENC091] Disminuye el Valle del Ruhr

[ENC090] Shrinking Liverpool-Manchester

****** Manchester and Liverpool lie in the North-West of England, barely thirty-five miles apart. In the early nineteenth century, they epitomised the beginning of the industrial age; Manchester is justifiably known as the first industrial city in the world. Although it was between these two municipalities that Great Britain’s first passenger railway ran, the cities … Read more [ENC090] Shrinking Liverpool-Manchester

[ENC081] ¿Encoger o ensanchar?

* * * * * * Francia encarga por error 2000 vagones demasiado anchos para circular por 1200 estaciones del país. El presidente de la red ferroviaria francesa, Jacques Rapoport, reconoció que tendrán que llevar a cabo obras por valor de 50 millones de euros para adaptar los andenes de las estaciones a estos nuevos … Read more [ENC081] ¿Encoger o ensanchar?

[ENC077] El maná menguante europeo

* * * * * * Es difícil encontrar una autovía, AVE, puente o puerto en España que no haya sido financiado con fondos europeos. Desde 2000, se han destinado a infraestructuras de transporte más de 30.000 millones de fondos europeos. La mitad del coste del AVE Madrid-Barcelona (unos 7.000 millones) fue cubierto con dinero procedente … Read more [ENC077] El maná menguante europeo

[ENC068] Point City / South City

****** An investigation into the re-planning of the Netherlands ****** Netherlands Shrinks ! It is a painful irony that the (one) country that more than any other fabricated itself, now treats its territory as if it has the authenticity and inevitability of nature. Since the last large operation of infrastructural imagination – the «Delta werken” … Read more [ENC068] Point City / South City

[ENC 066] Wallace S. Broecker

****** El padre de la teoría del cambio climático, Wallace S. Broecker, pasó este lunes por Madrid para recibir el Premio Fundación BBVA Fronteras del Conocimiento , del que ha sido ganador en la categoría de Cambio Climático. Precisamente un 15 de junio, pero de 1952, este activista confeso comenzaba a trabajar en el Observatorio Terrestre de la … Read more [ENC 066] Wallace S. Broecker

[ENC064] La mini biblioteca

* * * * * * En octubre del año pasado, doce jóvenes arquitectos del grupo Collectif Etc iniciaron una gira de doce meses por toda Francia montados en bicicleta y armados con una enorme caja de herramientas. El objetivo: identificar problemáticas sociales, urbanas e intervenir mediante proyectos imaginativos en los que fueran los propios vecinos del … Read more [ENC064] La mini biblioteca

[ENC063] Cardboard Office Cubicles_from Chairigami

****** Chairigami and Yale University recently partnered to design and build temporary office cubicles during the four month renovation of Sterling Memorial library. The lightweight, easily collapsible cubicles were customized to perfectly mesh with desks rented for this temporary librarian work space. Not only are the cardboard dividers completely sustainable and recyclable, but they also serve as … Read more [ENC063] Cardboard Office Cubicles_from Chairigami

[ENC60] Detroit Shrinking City

****** Situated in the northern Mid-West of the USA, Detroit became the centre of American car production at the beginning of the twentieth century. The «Big Three» ? Chrysler, Ford and General Motors ? created the ultimate «Motor City». It was here that the first street was surfaced with concrete; here that Davison Freeway, the … Read more [ENC60] Detroit Shrinking City

[ENC054] La población española disminuye

****** España perderá una décima parte de su población en 40 años si se mantienen las actuales tendencias demográficas. El número de habitantes disminuirá por primera vez al menos desde 1971, según el Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE). Los nacimientos se reducirán progresivamente, lo que llevaría en 2022 a un total de 45 millones de … Read more [ENC054] La población española disminuye